Adriana Henderson – American citizen of Romanian origin, began to think how to help Romanians born with the heavy burden of a disease, called haemophilia, who tormented their bodies and for which survival medication was almost non-existent in Romania.

Established in the United States S.T.A.R. (Start Thinking About Romanian) Children Relief, this being the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Adriana and the hemophilia patients in Romania.

In 2005, 5 years after the establishment of the S.T.A.R. Children Relief, Adriana Henderson comes to Romania and launches the FIRST MEDICAL CAMP  in ROMANIA, targeting hemophilic children. “Camp Ray of Hope” – would become year after year the soul child of Adrian Henderson, surrounded by American sponsors willing to be generously involved in building the miraculous oasis in which for one week a year, 40 children bathe in joy, forgetting the bad, foreshadowing and building self-esteem and the dream of tomorrow.

Since 2010, Camp Ray of Hope is expanding its activity with a new component – Oncopediatrics, the number of beneficiary children reaching 120 / year and in 2015, children with thalassemia have also joined.

Over the past ten years, Camp Ray of Hope organizers have attended numerous workshops and conferences in the USA and Europe, but especially as a volunteer in the NACCHO and Serious Fun Children’s Network, where they acquired the groundbreaking concept of Therapeutic Recreation, a technique introduced. premiered by Serious Fun Camp. The success of Camp Ray of Hope over the 10 years of organizational activity in Romania and of the high professional qualification experience, has been crowned by numerous International Awards and the recognition of the efforts in the world of the great organizers of specialized therapeutic camps.

Our efforts in the more than 10 years of camps have changed the lives of hundreds of children with chronic diseases in Romania.

WE ARE THE SINGLE CAMP SPECIALIZED IN THERAPY – RECREATIONAL IN ROMANIA for children with haemophilia, cancer and rare diseases.

Our camps are FREE for participants.

Together with volunteers from the United States, Canada, England, Italy, the children experience experiences and teachings that will become investments in Soul Bank, designed to help them overcome another year – not infrequently, until the next meeting.

Between two cures of cytostatics – and not only, the children spend with the volunteers from abroad and those from Romania, a dream week, the week that changes topics from year to year.

Our main purpose is:
Organization of camps for children with haemophilia, oncology and children with rare diseases.