Dear friend,
I want you to know that there is a family of doctors – teachers from Timisoara who know all these things that mark your life and have decided not to remain indifferent to your suffering, confident that the disease can lose its irreversible character.

 They thus emerged from the narrow sphere of selfishness to show others altruism, changed the comfort that social status could offer with the concerns and responsibilities of involvement, and, above all, turned their own suffering into relief for others.

This is how the “CRISTIAN ŞERBAN” Children and Adolescents Evaluation and Recovery Center in Buziaş was set up.

Divinity has made you a wonderful being. Your physical and mental properties, the harmony and complexity of your spirit, soul and body entitle you to believe that you are superior to any other form of earthly life.You are the material form of a sublime divine thought. .You are a masterpiece whose origin transcends the visible world. But what you see in yourself does not help you to find yourself in my statements, because in you you see the consequences and effects of the evil that has entered the world long ago, bringing with it the damage, bringing the disease and suffering of which, more or less, we all have a part. Without being guilty of this part of your suffering it is “over the top.” Shortly after you become aware of your own existence, you find out that you are different from the other children; you have learned that many of the things that make your childhood glamor are forbidden to you, and soon the medicines and hospitals became friends that you did not want. Slowly – slowly, your identity has been associated with a new aspect, the hemophilic one. Later, frustrations, broken dreams, a lot of fog about your future and the conviction that there is no real possibility to change your situation.
I would like to talk to you about this recovery center, hoping that if you have never been here, my modest description will help you to imagine it, and if you have been, it will bring you pleasant memories.

Buziaş is a quiet little town, halfway between Timisoara and Lugoj. It is a city that until now has been known for its mineral waters and the spa resort, which is one with tradition in Romania. It was here that the Serban family of teachers decided to build a hospital for children and adolescents suffering from diabetes and hemophilia. You will find it in a secluded, beautiful and quiet place, on the outskirts of the city park. You will discover that he is welcoming and endowed with all the necessary treatment and for your comfort. You will meet here doctors  trained and interested in you , who will give you an accurate assessment of the stage of the disease and then recommend a specific and appropriate treatment, which considers your recovery both physically and mentally, if applicable. According to a carefully designed program, you will have sessions of physiotherapy, massage, swimming pool, physiotherapy, all in rooms equipped with a pleasant ambience.

All these procedures are part of a recovery philosophy that may be new to you, that of active recovery. You will become much more active without fear of a hemorrhagic incident, because you will be prophylaxis or episodically sustained with an adequate concentration of factor. Nor has your medical training been neglected, which will be made available to you by the doctors of the hospital, so that you can know as much about your illness and about the present and future possibilities for its treatment.

If by your nature you are meditative and have more questions than answers about your own being, you can find a good confidant in the hospital psychologist. It will be good for you to find out how your illness determines your thinking and how to limit its influence on your thinking. In this sense you will need much more self-knowledge and a knowledgeable guide so you don’t get lost in the maze of your own psychic.

If you feel the need for a secluded place where you can talk to a book or a friend, you will find it in the hospital yard, among beautiful floral arrangements. In the evenings you will be able to spend them in the library of the center, which for several hours every evening becomes the place of entertainment activities: general culture contests, video or TV watching, music. You yourself can participate in organizing different competitions and championships, along with the three educators who will gladly accept your collaboration. These evenings can be the beginning of friendships that you can enjoy over many years.

Tired after a full but enjoyable day, you can retire to your comfortable room for a restful sleep. In addition to all these things that are mainly related to the hospital equipment, you will also find here a special, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, created by a staff that understands your age and mentality. More than anything else I would like to tell you that this hospital is a place where destiny can change for the better. You can expect spectacular improvements in your physical condition that will bring major changes to your life. If my statements seem exaggerated, you should know that I have not told you anything that is foreign to my own experience..Have you noticed, my friend, how many things are available to you in this hospital?You may wonder, of course, what you could give in return. Nothing but gratitude and gratitude. If you’ve ever been to this hospital, share with others about the good that was done to you here and come back with confidence. If you’ve never been, come without the fear of being disappointed. Until then, greetings from Buzias!

Our objectives:

• Clinical and paraclinical diagnosis and evaluation, ie establishing the stage of the disease, the presence and severity of complications in children and young people with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) and in patients with hemophilia.

• Improving the therapy of patients with type 1 diabetes and with hemophilia, by adapting the therapeutic measures to the clinical status of the disease.

• Medical education, both for children and young people with type 1 diabetes and those with hemophilia, as well as their families, an extremely important means to acquire the knowledge necessary for quality control of the disease, which lasts a lifetime.

• Prevention and treatment of complications and sequelae, mainly induced by hemophilia, but also by disease of blood vessels and nerves (angiopathy and neuropathy) in diabetes .

• Locomotor recovery of joint, bone and neurological disabilities that can accompany the two diseases and others of the patients admitted to the recovery compartment.

• Socio-professional counseling of patients .

• The psychological and material support of children from very poor families .

• Creation of a scientific research base oriented to the epidemiological, etiopathogenic clinical and evolutionary aspects of type 1 diabetes and haemophilia.

• Improvement of doctors and nurses from all over the country in the management of these conditions.