In Romania people with Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease have unconditional access to specific treatment ,are active and integrated in society.


We advocate that the rights of people with Hemophilia and von Willebrand to be respected and we promote a better life for them.


Romanian Hemophilia Association

Get involved in:

promoting actions aimed at improving the quality of life of patients suffering from haemophilia, the complications of this disease and other associated disease
improving access to information for the patient
advocacy for the rights of persons with haemophilia, for unconditional access to their specific treatment
providing high information and understanding on hemophilia and the impact of the disease on individuals and families among professionals in the medical system, patients and citizens in general
organizing events, conferences, seminars, workshops, camps for hemophilia patients
facilitating immediate and equal access to treatment for people with haemophilia, facilitating the purchase of objects, means and tools to help people with haemophilia and vonWillebrand’s disease in order to improve their life situation
improving the ability of patients and carers to manage their illness to be active in the community
increasing the level of knowledge, differentiated by different target groups (patient, adult, children, family, medical staff) regarding the disease and its consequences
increasing the social and occupational integration for patients, the concern for the integration of people with haemophilia in the professional training process and, later, in the social life
providing direct help for people with haemophilia and their families, including financial and material support (various medical products, such as catheters, implantable rooms, prostheses, crutches, strollers, etc.) in order to improve the quality of their life
supporting the interests of patients in front of the authorized bodies of the state, with proposals regarding the initiation and / or modification of the legislative framework at central and local level
advocacy to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, school, support for keeping in the community of patients suffering from haemophilia and other coagulates, as well as ensuring the educational and social development of children
initiation, organization and implementation of projects, campaigns and actions to promote and support the social, economic and professional integration of people with haemophilia and other coagulopathies, their personal development, as well as psychological, professional and legal counseling
monitorizarea implementării și derulării programelor naţionale de sănătate destinate hemofiliei