We started from the following question: How to have a healthy marriage in the context of a chronic illness?

Objective: Providing support, counseling and personal development of married hemophilia and life partners in order to increase the quality of life by integrating them into educational, psychosocial and recreational programs.

Context: Hemophilia is a serious disease. When not properly treated, the joints become the source of permanent problems and have a negative impact on the daily life of the hemophiliac. From school to professional and family integration, the person with hemophilia needs support and support. For the general population, the stage of marriage is not without worries, worries, problems or happiness. People with haemophilia are having difficulty choosing their life partner and the number of those getting married is small. estora in educational, psychosocial and recreational programs. Marriage is beautiful but it is not easy to get to be so as you have to work for your couple relationship. Hemophiliacs like other people go through difficult times and times of illness and lifestyle, often without a sustained balance, affect their own family and especially the couple. Marriage is the choice of a lifestyle that goes beyond any limit of illness, race, ethnicity, religion, social status, disability or belief. Among the difficult situations that couples encounter are: lack of communication, partners do not feel understood, decreased passion or lack thereof, routine or boredom in the couple, disinterest or indifference to the partner, quarrels often about important or less important things, activity low sex, financial problems, lack of respect, mistrust. Even if the hemophilia patients in Romania who are married are in a difficult medical condition, we want them to believe that they can have a happy marriage and to challenge them to do everything in their power to reach this goal with their partner.

Why a school of hemophilia for couple’s life?

• because, at present, the family is intensely exposed to disease pressures, devaluation and disintegration;
• for the quality of married life, which impacts the whole family, economy and society;
• to encourage a healthy family life and healthy marriages
• to bring relief and healing where appropriate.

• a time dedicated to promoting family values, priorities and health;
• understanding and awareness of both partners of the other’s needs;
• a context in which each married couple can refresh, energize and improve their marriage.