The leadership camp is important in the light of the fact that in our community, hemophilia patients and vonWillebrand’s disease, education, information, organizing events, etc. are always needed. Therefore, a generation of leaders will generate and facilitate good practices and ideas transfer to local communities so that the quality of life of patients is improved.

The camp program focuses on transferring information to participants about the basic skills they will need to become leaders in our community. In addition to specific presentations and workshops, at the same time our participants will live in tents, learn about the environment, history, how to make a camp fire, visit tourist attractions and amazing natural wonders.

Our specific activities focus on:

  • team building skills;
  • communication skills;
  • relevant information on the treatment of haemophilia and its prospects;
  • developing key management skills

Our goal is to strengthen the Hemophilia Association in Romania with young and active members.
As a leader you have to make a commitment to yourself that you want to constantly develop. A leader leads by his own example. Today, times have changed. You need to think, analyze and if you reach the conclusion that it is worth it, then act with courage. If we allow ourselves to be dominated by fear, we will never succeed in achieving something truly important

Always do what you feel is honest and fair