The year 2020 marked the 15th anniversary of the STAR Children Relief Organization, led by Adriana Henderson, organizing camps for children and young people with haemophilia and oncological diseases in collaboration with the Romanian Hemophilia Association.

The Camp Ray of Hope has meant, over time, for hundreds of young people, carrying out fun and recreational activities, educational, socializing and creative workshops. In this camp, every year, a number of 40 children and young people with haemophilia benefit from sports programs, counseling services in order to raise awareness of their illness and increase self-esteem. There are also educational programs regarding the knowledge of their own disease and the learning of the self-injection procedure for greater patient independence. Also, the creative workshops increase the ability of the children to communicate, to pay attention and to discover the potential of each individual. stimulating each child to develop their own personality and encouraging them in group activities. At the anniversary clock, the camp Ray of Hope, was held in both Romania and Italy. The personal experiences of the children are shared through the eyes of some of them in the pages of the magazine and we wish you a pleasant reading .

Alex confesses to us. “I really feel like a normal child, to have a happy childhood, to forget that you have a health problem, to do whatever you want, not to be afraid that you may hit yourself and that you have no treatment. This camp gives us the opportunity to meet special people, visit sights and take trips. For me personally, this camp has meant a lot from all points of view. We thank all the sponsors, doctors, assistants, volunteers who were with us and without whom this camp would not have taken place. I wish this camp to be organized for many years from here on. ”