Our childhood was marked by those words: “you are not allowed there”, “do not do this”. The lack of treatment and specialized staff in the areas we come from has somewhat restricted our childhood. But here, in the camp in Austria, we could do what we wanted. I swam, surfed, climbed the mountain, saw animals at the zoo, climbed the cable car and went down with the bob.
I made many friends, from the volunteers who came to the camp to the medical staff, all very wonderful people willing to help and guide us at any time. I left home with my mind and soul full of beautiful memories, with the thought that maybe next year we will meet again and tell us everything we have lived before. It was daylight, the rays of the sun caressed my face, I opened my eyes, I arrived at the bus station in Timisoara where my parents were waiting for me. We hugged and headed home, eager to tell them and show them pictures of the wonderful places and people I met there, Bogdan says.