Dear Dr. Warren,

I am wanting you can easily help me. I never really had a problem fulfilling females and meeting on dates, but after about a month or two, I find myself becoming jealous of some other guys, also it only gets far worse following that. In the beginning she’ll think it’s type sweet, nevertheless turns out to be a real issue. A woman i must say i liked recently dumped me over it, and it put me because I imagined we’d a good thing heading. Within experience, is actually jealousy a thing that can go out in time with all the right individual, or perhaps is it really my nature is along these lines?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Many thanks for your outstanding question. To begin with, i wish to commend you for recognizing a behavior in yourself that you have seen has effects on the interactions negatively. Next, I additionally wish to guarantee you that envy is an activity you can work with such that it does not have to come between both you and some one you really have strong thoughts for.

To put it simply, envy is a destructive emotion which can appear in a variety of types of circumstances. If it takes place in intimate relationships and is also guided toward others who connect to your partner, it signals a fear about dropping your partner to a potential opponent. That concern is usually rooted in some sort of insecurity you really have about yourself in terms of the item of the jealousy. Getting envious of which your partner communicates with is an indication of low self-esteem.

John, the initial step to overcoming jealousy should comprehend your personal motives, thus I would like you to have some time to remember the method that you see yourself—both great traits and not-so-good characteristics.

Initially think about your greatest traits therefore the areas in your lifetime you are many pleased with. On your most useful time if you decided to explain your own most good qualities, what can you state? Often it is a good idea to in addition ask an in depth buddies or family members how they view you, also, because they may be an excellent supply of more unbiased details. If it helps, attempt producing a listing.

Upcoming, I want you to take into account the insecurities which you have about yourself and your existence. It could be tough to have a look at these truthfully, but it’s vital that you understand that jealousy starts 1st with an overly bad self-judgment. This adverse wisdom will be versus a notion of some other the person you judge getting a lot better than you for some reason. These „better-than/less-than” reviews result in the most problems for you myself before you begin to hurt the relationships with others.

When jealous views become envious behaviors relationships are damaged. It could begin as a cold-shoulder or dirty appearance, but eventually escalates and erupts in bad opinions and accusations toward your partner herself, despite the reality she has accomplished no problem. By misjudging your partner’s commitment fidelity or stability, you happen to be accidentally disrespecting the lady. In healthy interactions, both lovers decide to get due to their mate—it is a choice—and rely on could be the connection that helps them to stay with each other and keeps destructive envy outside of the image.

The next time you’re faced with a situation wherein envious feelings toward another guy begin to arise, I want you to accomplish the annotated following:



Jealousy is something you can over come so that you can commence to enjoy more content and more romantic connections with females. Keep in mind that while couple of would argue that there is nothing just like the convenience of understanding our lover „belongs” to united states, the truth is that people „belong” to each and every other—by option. Jealous conduct can a choice, but it is among control. By using tips to conquer envy within interactions, you may stop trying the requirement to control your spouse to satisfy your own anxiety, and you should additionally relieve yourself from the all-consuming hold of jealousy that controls you.

Tell us the manner in which you perform.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren

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